Donna 4 Support offers:
An interactive membership program for parents who love a teen or an adult child who has a substance use disorder (addiction/alcoholism).
With this membership you will be educated about addiction, codependency, enabling, healing and recovery.  You will learn coping skills because when you know better, you will do better. You will learn about detaching with love from
your child who is in active addiction with love, without guilt, shame or being emotionally bankrupt. 
Are you ready to . . .
  • Stop enabling
  • Let go of your fear
  • Take care of yourself
  • Stop walking on eggshells
It is your time to change and transform!
What is included?
Parents Sharing Without Shame Facebook Group
Members only community is a safe space that offers support from Donna & other parents who know what it feels like to love  a child who is in active addiction, struggling with recovery or in long term recovery

Weekly support group meeting
Donna facilitates a weekly face to face meeting to provide parent to parent support while offering tools to work on to improve your coping skills
Blog & Podcast
Read Donna's blog or listen to Donna share her experience & knowledge or interview people affected by addiction, codependency, enabling, and recovery.
Wellness Plan
Your personal wellness plan will empower you in your recovery.  It is  plan of action that you can implement into your daily living
Living Agreement
A living agreement helps family members to live under the same roof while working on breaking the cycle of living in dysfunction
Emotional Scale
Your power is in your thoughts; the emotional scale will help you shift your thoughts so that you can be in a better emotional place
Codependency Quiz
Discover unhealthy patterns that you have with your teen/adult child

Extra Resources
Workbooks & PDFs
Adult Coloring Sheets
and more...
"Let the dragonfly carry the wisdom of transformation and adaptability into your life; because the time has come to bring more lightness and joy back into your life." 
Author Unknown
Basic Membership
- Basic membership page 
- Interactive Facebook page
- Live 1 hour weekly group meeting

      $9.99 / month
Wellness Package
- Basic membership page 
- Interactive Facebook page
- Live 1 hour weekly group meeting
- 1 private coaching session a month 
- Complimentary copy of Donna's book,
   Peeling The Onion.

$89.99 / month
Private Coaching
- Basic membership page 
- Interactive Facebook page
- Live 1 hour weekly group meeting
- 1 private coaching session a week
- Complimentary copy of each of Donna's
   books, Peeling The Onion &  Just for Today

$269.99 / month
 If you are ready to stop working harder at your child's recovery than your son or daughter is and if you are ready to to stop enabling your addicted child's bad behavior and start living your life again, than click the button below and join Donna 4 Support today!
I am a Mother who is in recovery from codependency, enabling and a broken heart.  

My son Pj is a person in long term recovery and what that means is that Pj has not used heroin or any other mind altering substance since May 11, 2008 (Mothers Day).

I learned that a curse can be a blessing and a blessing can be a curse. The curse of addiction almost destroyed my son, myself and my family. When I hit my enough 2 years before my son began to live in the solution of his recovery, I was able to stop enabling his addiction and engaging in the toxic dance associated with it.  When I began to take care of myself and work a recovery program, I began to heal and transform, I was able to be present for the healthy people in my life and I started to live my life again.

With all of the recovery work my son and I have done, we have  been able to rebuild our relationship, we have restored our health, regained our sanity and found our serenity.

              I'm a Mother who knows the heartache you feel, 
  start your journey of healing and join Donna 4 Support today !
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